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Your employees feel good about security service

Does everyone at the company feel safe? Your employees perform and feel better if you take care of their safety. A safe and secure work environment allows your employees to focus on their tasks, and reduces feelings of anxiety and stress. Read on and learn about the connection between employee well-being and safety measures at the company.

Improve well-being at the company  


Employee well-being in the workplace has been extensively studied throughout the world. The results are interesting, and exciting reading for those of you who are well aware that satisfied employees are a must if the company is to be successful. Throughout, the importance of employees feeling better and performing better in an environment that is safe is demonstrated. 

Be careful with the basics 


There are many ways to increase security and well-being for your employees. Basic functions and hygiene factors such as; balanced working hours, proportional pay, good company culture, clear communication and good leadership - this is the foundation on which everything is built. But what else creates a safe and good workplace? Once the foundation is in place and all the benefits have been distributed, what needs are left to be met? How do you get the results of the employee surveys to hit the ceiling? 

Take the safe before the unsafe 


It's just like everything else in life. We need to feel safe in order to feel good and perform. In an environment where we feel safe and secure, we can unleash our full work potential. In order for employees to enjoy themselves and give their all at work, they must feel safe in every way.  

Safety in the workplace 


To ensure that employees feel safe in the workplace, basic safety functions and routines are required - but what these look like depends on the type of business involved. A small shop, for example, requires completely different security measures than a large warehouse. If you have a store , we recommend 24/7 monitoring, but in the case of a warehouse , the focus is on employee safety and measures to prevent accidents. These aspects are important to take into account when thinking about company safety and employee well-being. It is important to have all security measures in place from the start - and convey that security has a high priority within the company.  

A sure way to happy employees 


After all, Rome wasn't built in a day. You can always start with a smaller starter package and basic security service. It gives you burglary protection for a smaller premises - for example a shop or an office. The starter package caters for alarms with contact to the alarm center, regular rounds, easy installation, monitoring from our control center around the clock - as well as service and maintenance. Our security solutions grow with your company, and can be quickly and easily adapted to a changing need, and a growing company. 

If you want more inspiration and learn more about our security solutions , you can read our guide, where we go through everything that is important to know when choosing a security solution for your company. 

Help employees feel safe 


Regardless of the extent of the company's security service , it is important to convey to employees that they are safe and that you are there for them. Or rather that they don't even need to think about safety and security. Because you have already done that - and thus your employees can focus on their tasks instead.  

Contact us to choose a security solution for your small business 


We know that security issues can sometimes feel both difficult and time-consuming. Don't worry, we're here to help! Contact us today and we will help you find the best security solution for you and your business.