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Enterprise risk management

Our Enterprise Risk Management service aims to reduce your vulnerability to malicious intent, terrorism, and negligence. Our experts assess each risk, then coordinate preventive and response actions. This proactive approach anticipates crises, reduces their likelihood, and minimises their impact should they occur.

Expertise based on ISO 31000: Risk Management Process

We adhere to the ISO 31000 standard, which provides an internationally recognised framework for managing all types of risk.

Our services cover the following aspects:

  • Safety advice: audit, raising awareness among staff and management
  • Support in drawing up a safety policy
  • Crisis management: scenario analysis, response proposals
  • Safety risk analysis (SRA), with risk acceptance process

Corporate Risk Management Audit: overview and implementation

Our audits provide an overview and comprehensive coverage of risks. We offer:

  • Evaluation at a specific point in time
  • Identification of malfunctions, action plans, and improvements
  • Formalising procedures and concepts
  • Supervision of work and action plans

Risk analysis: your personalised, optimised safety matrix

Working together, we will target areas where our expertise will play a crucial role:

  • Identifying, analysing, and dealing with risks to people and property
  • Risk prioritisation and acceptance thresholds
  • Drawing up risk reduction plans
  • Security strategy design
  • Support for property and renovation projects
  • Supervision of the SIA 108 phases: preliminary design, execution, completion, and installation
  • Drawing up security specifications and tenders
  • Creation of safety plans: access control, video protection, flow management, etc.

Follow-up and support: excellence and adaptability

Whether it's organising events, devising concepts or training your staff, our experts are at your side.

  • Event management
  • Safety and malicious acts audits
  • Tailor-made advice and concepts
  • Customised training

Crisis management: preparing for effective action

The crisis calls for critical decisions. Our professional crisis management protects:

  • Staff integrity
  • Production tools and processes
  • Environment
  • Company interests and image

Our experts can help you:

  • Formation of a crisis committee
  • Deployment of event management tools
  • Raising awareness of crisis management among your teams
  • Training sessions with scenarios tailored to your business

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