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Fire & safety

Don't worry, you don't have to manage this by yourself. Following a risk analysis, Protectas will work with you to define the appropriate security system and train your staff. From regulatory support to overall management, including prevention, rapid response, and advice on fire safety, we're there for you.

Opt for professional support and enjoy peace of mind

Our fire safety experts and engineers can help you with all your projects, whether they involve building, renovating or organising events.

Our specialists will draw up a security concept tailored to your requirements and risks, as well as a training programme.

We monitor technological developments and keep you informed of changes in legislation, standards, and directives applicable to your business.

A personalised risk analysis

During a personalised risk assessment, our first objective is to verify the solutions currently in place, and the potential for improvement.

The second phase involves a detailed analysis of your fire prevention and control systems. It is crucial to check that all the necessary equipment is in place and that it is regularly maintained.

Last but not least, you need to check that you have a training programme for your staff.

Because no two companies or spaces are the same, each situation presents specific risks and requirements in terms of workplace safety and fire protection.

However, the greatest danger is often the one that is not identified.

Protectas is a trusted partner with comprehensive expertise in fire protection for businesses. The process begins with an on-site risk analysis on your premises. Our approach is to ensure that you have the right solution, the right equipment, and the knowledge and skills to prepare you and your employees for emergencies. Nothing is left to chance in our approach.


From now on, the authorities' responsibilities are transferred to the private sector by requiring the use of fire protection specialists or experts to manage projects or monitor them.

Building owners and operators are responsible for ensuring the safety of people and property. They must maintain the fire protection and defence equipment, as well as the technical installations, to ensure that they are operational at all times (extract from Fire Protection Directive AEAI 12-15en).

Similarly, implementing quality assurance during construction, and throughout the life of a building, requires the roles and responsibilities of each player to be defined, documented and trained.

Our security guards specialised in fire protection

Depending on the use of the buildings, whether they are residential accommodation, department stores or industrial buildings, the presence of a fire protection safety officer is compulsory.

Our safety officers ensure fire safety within the framework of the applicable regulations and specifications. They check that the provisions relating to the construction and correct operation of fire protection equipment are complied with.

Our services

  • Provision of fire protection experts

  • Analysing, identifying and dealing with risks to people and property
  • Risk prioritisation and acceptance levels
  • Risk reduction plans
  • Safety, fire protection & evacuation strategy concept
  • Support for new construction or building renovation projects
  • Monitoring of the SIA 108 phases: preliminary design, construction, execution of works, completion and handover of installations
  • Specifications, tenders, and security bids
  • Specific AEAI support
  • Implementation and monitoring of the Fire Protection and Responsibility Quality Assurance programme for grades 1-3
  • Formalisation of fire safety concepts
  • Setting up an evacuation strategy and helping to organise evacuation drills
  • Taking on the role of Fire Safety Officer (PALS), with daily monitoring of installations, remedying faults, and following up actions.
  • Diploma courses run by our Protectas Academy training department in partnership with specialist companies, enabling us to deliver certified quality courses (first aid, use of extinguishers, tactical aid, etc.).

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