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Remote monitoring

Protectas provides the best security technologies, such as video surveillance, as part of its 24-hour alarm centre. Our remote services include alarm checks, virtual patrols, site/object surveillance, access control and door opening, response to perimeter detection, etc.

Alarm and video surveillance centre

Faultless security thanks to professional alarm management

With its professional alarm centre, the Security Operations Centre (or SOC), Protectas guarantees a rapid response to alarms. This is provided by two SOCs in Geneva and Zurich with qualified staff who will take action based on an intervention plan agreed with the customer.

In addition to this core activity, the alarm centre also provides a full range of services based on remote monitoring, to guarantee security from a distance.

What does an alarm centre do?

  • Reception of alarm criteria and video signals
  • Management of alarms in the event of an incident in accordance with defined and validated procedures (alarm monitoring, video connection, triggering of response services and/or emergency services)
  • Receiving alarms from any manufacturer
  • Sending full reports

The 3 key advantages of our central alarm systems

  • Remote security services that combine human intervention with the use of innovative technological tools such as cameras or intercoms
  • Better prevention of on-site incidents: fast, effective remote surveillance, optimising the cost of human resources
  • National coverage: 2 SOCs (Security Operations Centres) in Geneva and Zurich, in the 3 languages of Switzerland + English

Standard alarm protocol

  • Live viewing, 24/7, by SOC operators of captured images based on the action plan we established with the customer
  • Immediate intervention via loudspeakers on site
  • Triggering of our response services
  • Police called in if the alarm is confirmed

Expert operators in our alarm control centres (SOC)

  • Operators working 24/7 in our 2 SOCs, managing over 3,000 alarms every day and answering calls in French, German, Italian, and English.

  • Operational managers in constant contact with operators
  • Specially trained operators: validation of an Eduqua alarm centre operator certificate

Quality of service at all times

  • ISO quality standard 9001 and response to EN 50518-1-2-3 criteria.
  • Optimal redundancy: our two SOCs, based in Geneva and Zurich, are built on the same model, each acting as a back-up for the other. Our IT infrastructure means that we can operate at any time with just one of the two control units.
  • Continuity of operations: our UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) provide us with a continuous, uninterrupted supply of electricity. They are also redundant, meaning that one of the two inverters can fail, for example during power cuts, without affecting the surveillance activity.
  • Electricity autonomy: all our battery racks can supply us with electricity for more than 24 hours. After that, we have generators that can be used to supply power.

Reliable and traceable operational and administrative procedures

Each new site that is linked to the alarm centre requires their operational feasibility to be validated and specific documents to be established.

This process ensures that all the variables necessary to maintain the quality of our services have been entered and checked. We ensure that there is traceability and recording of all SOC information and actions.

An open system that integrates with a wide range of manufacturers

Here are the remote management protocols accepted by our SOCs:

Alarms: Chiron (SIA 2, COID, scantronic), RSI Videofield (with/without video), Jablotron (with/without video), Swissdotnet (encrypted DC-09 standard), DC-09 (SIA/Contact ID IP encrypted), SPC (Siemens EDP), AlarmNet (TUSNet), VDS (Abus), Viewcom (without video)

Video*: Dahua, Axis, HIKVision, Nuuo, Milestone, IPS, SiNVR, Digieye, Avigilon, Seetec, Genetec
*Functions available for each protocol, available from our SOCs.


All alarm centre services

Surveillance of objects and sites

For optimum protection of homes and business premises, it is essential to connect your alarm system to our Security Operations Centre (SOC) for alarm processing. Each time an alarm is transmitted, an operator immediately takes charge of the event. He/she analyses the cause and, once suspicious action has been confirmed, a security guard and/or the police are called out.

Alarm check screen

Real-time remote alarm verification

If there is an alarm, our operator uses the cameras to look at the area and intervenes by activating the loudspeakers and, if available, the spotlights.

In many cases, a voice questioning them can put the intruders to flight.

Key benefits

  • Rapid action: instant intervention by operators, simultaneous coordination of callout (security agents and/or authorities)
  • Real-time information on developments in the situation
  • Optimisation of resources and costs (elimination of unnecessary interventions/callouts, reduction in the number of calls, etc.)


Car access control

Remote control of entrances and exits

Video identification guarantees reliable and secure remote access control and door opening, 24 hours a day.

In the event of an incident, the situation is immediately analysed by video and the necessary measures are taken without delay.

Key benefits:

  • Remote opening of means of access by the operator after visual checks and identification
  • Cost reduction
  • 24/7 surveillance
Access control

Remote support and detection

As part of our remote support service, we detect any hazards in the area, and monitor staff and visitors via cameras until they arrive at their destination.

Key benefits:

  • Deterrent effect on potential attackers
  • Better protection and peace of mind for staff
  • Prevention of incidents with potentially costly consequences

Virtual video surveillance rounds

Our services range from stationary object surveillance to complex virtual video surveillance rounds.

These video rounds take place outside the usual entry and exit times.

  • Random video rounds during the most sensitive hours, for example at night
  • Cameras installed in strategic locations
  • Ideal for temporary or unequipped sites (events, warehouses, open storage, railways, building sites, etc.)
  • Proactive security presence ready to intervene 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Key benefits:

  • Increased security thanks to more frequent video rounds
  • None of the costs associated with conventional rounds
  • Flexibility: a solution that can be adapted to any environment
  • More frequent patrols possible: increased security
  • Technological alternative to a patrolling officer
Camera dome

Remote perimeter protection

Today, we can remotely monitor any vulnerable area using smart cameras equipped with video analytics.

The technology analyses the behaviour of individuals, vehicles and objects: any unusual activity triggers an automatic alarm.

The operator handles the case remotely and acts on your instructions.

Key benefits:

  • Effective prevention and detection,
  • Reliability of installations,
  • Better visibility of site activity

Telephone helpline

On request, our alarm control centre also provides 24/7 telephone hotline services. Our operators are specialised in understanding and quickly resolving a wide range of situations

This service is suitable for busy reception areas or when staffing levels are low.

All the details in our dedicated brochure here.

Key benefits:

  • Multilingual operators specially dedicated to this service
  • Fast service, call number available at all times
  • More effective interaction with customers, employees, or partners
  • 24/7 secure environment
  • Redundant infrastructure
  • 2 SOCs - Security Operations Centres
Lone worker security

Protection for lone workers (PTI) - Switzerland

Protectas provides a compact device, connected to our operators, ensuring the confidence and safety of lone workers, even in isolated locations.

When lone workers work alone, out of sight and out of earshot, they are exposed to specific risks. In these situations, the employer is liable. Even with health and safety measures in place, accidents can still happen. The SECO prescribes that isolated workers must be able to call for help, in particular via a monitoring system.

Our PTI solution is essential: a simple press of a button or the automatic detection of anomalies, such as an impact or a fall, sends an alert to the Protectas Security Operations Centre (SOC). It operates according to the established procedure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The GPS beacon can be used to locate the worker.


Key benefits:

  • Scalable technology for lone workers
  • Constant connection to our alarm centre
  • Detection of falls or impacts with instant alarm
  • Automatic call for voice verification
  • Rapid intervention by our agents

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