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Security Intelligence Services

Today's dynamic landscape is characterized by increasingly sophisticated criminal and terrorist activities, evolving cyber threats, emerging environmental and geopolitical challenges. Safeguarding your interests now demands a vigilant approach. We offer unparalleled expertise to fortify your defenses, via the Risk Intelligence Center Services (RIC).

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Threats to your business seldom emerge out of thin air; they have origins. Our seasoned intelligence officers leverage a global network to procure a comprehensive, real-time assessment of risks from all quarters. Drawing from open sources (OSINT), social media (SOCMINT), closed sources (including private sector intelligence, military, policing, and academia), as well as our expansive Protectas / Securitas AB (our parent company) network, we cast a wide net and delve deep into intelligence gathering. Subsequently, we integrate this wealth of intelligence with our deep understanding of your operations, locations, and other pertinent factors. The outcome is sophisticated, real-time threat analysis tailored to your organisation. Armed with actionable intelligence, you can proactively mitigate risks.

Our 3 core intelligence solutions encompass:

  • Alerting: Swift notification of threats and security incidents with potential impact or disruption.
  • Analysis: Detailed intelligence reports and targeted monitoring to comprehend threats, assess risks, and devise mitigation strategies.
  • Investigations: Leading and supporting investigations into threats, defensive screening to identify vulnerabilities, and other investigative endeavors.

These core solutions synergize with Protectas’ array of protective services (Mobile guarding, On-site guarding, Remote guarding, Electronic security, and Fire & Safety services) to furnish intelligence-led security for your people, property, and assets.

Tailored intelligence solutions

Choose from four service levels:

  • Bronze: Situational awareness with over 300 reports annually, catering to organizations of all sizes and industries.
  • Silver: Targeted alerts for events proximate to your locations, enhancing safety and asset protection.
  • Gold: Tailored intelligence offering actionable insights on specific threats to your organization, operations, and brand.
  • Platinum: An embedded analyst service coupled with SIU support, providing unlimited intelligence resources and expertise.


Experience matters.

Backed by extensive experience spanning sectors such as police, military, government, and private sector intelligence, our analysts deliver timely intelligence and notifications on critical threats and incidents affecting our clientele. With our cutting-edge intelligence system, we monitor threat risks round the clock, empowering our clients with actionable intelligence to safeguard their interests.

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