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Seven safety tips to make your store more secure

Selling products, serving customers, and stocking shelves—there's a lot happening in a store. But don't forget to update your security measures. Protectas offers seven helpful tips for enhancing the security of your business. Even if you have a security system in place, security technologies evolve rapidly. New solutions enter the market, and requirements change. Many advanced and connected security solutions are now affordable. It's worthwhile to explore new products and determine if they are suitable for your business.

If your store is located, for example, in a city center with other nearby businesses, you could join a security network. Together, you can benefit from the collaboration of a security partner. Are you familiar with alarm systems or do you know how to enhance employee security using surveillance cameras and security alarms?

1. Keep an Up-to-Date and Compliant Alarm System

How long has it been since the last alarm was triggered? Remember that your alarm system doesn't last forever. Like any other technology, it needs to be renewed at regular intervals. In Switzerland, the Association of Installers and Security Systems (SES) has published technical guidelines on the installation and maintenance of intrusion alarm systems.

2. Security Alarm for Solo Work

Ensure that employees working alone late at night feel safe. Even if you have some security solutions in place, additional protection for solo-working employees is important. With a portable security alarm, your employees can contact the alarm center or nearby security personnel with a simple press of a button.

3. What about Fire Protection Measures?

Can your fire extinguishers handle a fire? Check fire protection measures and ensure your equipment is functioning correctly. If you have a large space with adjoining rooms, you can connect smoke detectors in series. As soon as one detector detects a fire, it sends a signal to other connected smoke detectors. A smart method to increase safety and reduce the risk of serious injuries.

4. Use an Intelligent Access System Instead of Keys

Concerned about key loss and the risk of intrusion after store closure? If you use an intelligent access system, you no longer have to worry about these issues. If a card is lost, it can be quickly deactivated. Plus, you can have an overview of who has access to the premises. Additionally, access to certain areas of the site can be restricted.

5. Camera Surveillance Can Do More

Many retailers opt for surveillance cameras to deter criminals and have evidence in case of incidents. However, cameras can also contribute to safety in different ways. During store closure, it can be advantageous for staff to see what's happening outside the door while locking up and triggering the alarm. Using intelligent video analysis, the system can detect motion patterns and quickly assess if there's an attempted intrusion.

6. Patrols Enhance Security

Another way to increase security is by conducting regular patrols. Security personnel can monitor the store and its surroundings 24/7, complementing your other security solutions. Using security guards for exit checks can also be beneficial. They can also monitor staff handling money, thereby reducing the risk of theft.

7. Additional Control via Mobile Phone

Did you know you can monitor premises and security status with your mobile phone, wherever you are? With the Protectas app, you can control video surveillance, locks, alarms, temperature, and lighting directly from your phone. The app can also send notifications for actions you've chosen.

Want to know which security solutions are right for you?

Protectas helps with an initial risk assessment and finds security solutions tailored to your business. We have extensive experience in personalized security solutions. We guide you through everything, from product selection and installation to employee training and maintenance work. As a partner, Protectas offers you security and makes your professional life easier, allowing you to focus on your business.

If you need help improving your security, feel free to contact us. The initial risk assessment is always free.


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