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Does your company have approved alarms

It is not easy to keep up with your insurance requirements regarding business security. You likely have other priorities. However, by ensuring you meet your insurance company's requirements, you avoid many hassles in the event of an incident.

Alarm approval: a prerequisite for compensation

It is crucial to understand the security requirements related to your business insurance. A good starting point is to ensure that your business has approved alarms, as this conditions compensation in the event of attempted burglaries, for example. Start by determining the required alarm class for your business.

What alarm class does your business need?

There are four alarm classes for small and medium-sized businesses. Alarm class 1 is the lowest, and class 4 is the highest. The alarm class is related to the level of risk. The risk is assessed based on what is inside the business premises. For example, jewelers, banks, shops, and pharmaceutical companies typically require the highest alarm class. For IT investments or various types of machinery, it is wise to insure the business in a higher alarm class. Regardless of the sector or assets, every entrepreneur should ask the following question: what do I want to protect, and what will be the consequences if I do not receive insurance compensation?

More reasons for high business security

Of course, there are other reasons to ensure high security besides meeting legal and insurance requirements. Think about the damage the business could suffer. Will production be affected? Will the financial loss be manageable? The higher the security, the better you can prevent adverse consequences that affect the economy. As an employer, it is also important to protect the safety and well-being of employees. Here, too, security and knowledge of security procedures play an important role and strengthen confidence in you as an employer.

How to meet insurance requirements

In terms of insurance, the alarm class is crucial. The business is classified according to one of the four alarm classes – the insurer knows which alarm class the business belongs to. Depending on your alarm class, Protectas helps you install the right alarm system and ensure that the business meets the insurer's security requirements.

On-site risk assessment

Depending on the business's alarm class, we either conduct an on-site visit or a remote risk assessment. Together, we review the needs and study the premises' plans and layouts. Then, we develop a security solution tailored to your business with approved alarms that meet insurance requirements. We tour the premises with you and examine what you need.

Some examples of security solutions

  • Card readers inside and outside doors
  • Doors with electric or motorized locks
  • Various alarms (door, window, and motion detectors)
  • Smart lights (motion-activated lighting)
  • Camera surveillance
  • Security guards who visit the premises after hours

In older buildings, it is common to find windows with handles but no locks. Similarly, in two-story properties, only the first floor is often equipped with an alarm. We look for gaps in your business's current security to increase safety and ensure compliance with insurance requirements.

What do you want to protect?

With Protectas products and advice, you can be sure that your business meets insurance requirements. We develop customized security solutions based on the business's needs. Contacting Protectas is a first step towards a safe existence where you know your business meets your insurance requirements.

If you are unsure if you meet all the requirements and want to learn more about risk assessment and security solutions, take this quiz. We perform the first risk assessment for free.

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