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Alarm or camera surveillance - what do I need?

Before choosing alarm equipment for your premises, there are many questions you should have answers to. Make sure you don't miss anything important by reading the following carefully.

Step 1: Map security risks and do research

What are the biggest risks to the business?

Find out what type of event is the biggest threat to the business. The insights are the basis for the type of security measures you should prioritize . Is it a burglary? Robbery? Or is it the greatest risk that the business will have fire accidents? The area in which the premises is located also gives an indication of how big the risk is that the business will be exposed to crime. Is the business under good supervision or is it isolated? In a mall or facing a street? Such factors are important when it comes to the risk of crime. The questions below will help you map risks and needs.

Has there been a previous crime against the company?

Past crimes can provide clues to the types of resources you should invest in. In that case, what type of crime has the business been exposed to?

Does the company have an alarm class requirement?

There are often alarm class requirements from the business's insurance company for the business insurance to apply. Therefore, it is important to find out if your business needs to meet any special alarm class requirements.

How many entrances are there to the premises?

Entrance protection, also called magnetic contact, is a simple and effective solution for securing entrances. Keep in mind that it is possible to get in through windows and roof hatches for those who really want to. Post a sticker stating that the premises are protected at each entrance. It must always be there and has a deterrent purpose against burglars.

Do staff work alone or have late night shifts?

For the staff, an assault alarm or burglar alarm can mean a great deal of security. This type of alarm is common in, for example, shops and restaurants, but also in other businesses where staff need extra security. For example, security systems for lone workers, help is just one click away.

Are there valuable items that need extra secure protection?

A vibration detector is a smart choice for places where you want extra high security, such as a safe. The vibration detector then sounds the alarm as soon as it detects vibrations if, for example, someone drills into the cabinet.

Are there spaces with a higher risk of fire?

A smoke or fire detector is a safe addition in spaces where there are fire risks, for example the kitchenette and staff room.

Is any part of the premises at risk of water leakage?

Moisture damage is often costly to repair. A water detector is a good investment in places where there is a risk of leakage.

Do you have heat-sensitive products in coolers?

Temperature gauges ensure that the temperature stays within the desired value in, for example, refrigerators. The alarm for the meter signals when the temperature becomes too high or too low.

Step 2: Match the security solutions to your needs


How do you want to use the alarm system?

Some prefer to control their alarm system via an app on their phone. Others prefer to supplement their system with a wall-mounted keypad and control the alarm from there.

It is very practical that the alarm system is easy to change and set. At Securitas, we often hear that the user-friendly app is a big advantage of our alarm services. In the app, you easily keep track of many details for your premises.

Do employees need personal alarm codes?

It is important to be able to ensure that several people do not use the same code to enter the premises. It is a safety factor that is sometimes missed due to a complicated and time-consuming system. If you have the ability to quickly and easily assign and remove alarm codes to staff and visitors, you increase security significantly.

Do you want to know when the alarm is turned on or off?

If the staff is responsible for turning the alarm on and off, it is good for you to know if the room is alarmed according to plan. Do you want to receive a notification from the alarm system when someone deviates from the routines? If the room is not alarmed in time, it could, for example, be a sign that the staff forgot to set the alarm for the evening.

Do you need to keep an eye on camera surveillance?

If you need to supervise the premises around the clock, it is a good idea to connect surveillance cameras with the same system as the alarm. In addition to seeing the premises without being there, it is a good way to monitor occasional visitors such as deliveries and couriers. In addition, camera surveillance is an effective tool to prevent crime.

The recordings provide security guards, police and emergency services with valuable information before a rescue operation or an arrest. They are often important evidence when identifying and mapping the course of events. The Securitas alarm system also automatically gives you a video clip when the alarm starts, and the alarm center can often see what is causing the alarm.


Step 3: Find out what happens when the alarm goes off

Who moves out if the alarm goes off?

Securitas is ready to step in with the help that the situation requires. It often involves security guard assistance, but we always call in the police or emergency services when the situation calls for it.

What staffing is available in the area when help is needed?

When the alarm goes off, it is often of the utmost importance that measures are taken quickly. When comparing different alarm services, it is therefore important to find out what the security company's staffing looks like in the area. One of the advantages of having many employees in one area is that you have great opportunities to deploy resources immediately - even in situations where help is needed in several places at the same time.

How much does an emergency call cost?

How much a call out costs is an important question when you compare different alarm services. Here it looks a little different in the industry. If you choose one of Securitas' security packages for smaller companies, we do not charge for a call out.

If you have questions about alarms for your premises, we are ready to help you.
Leave your phone number and we will call you. We do the first risk assessment completely free of charge.


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