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Guide: This is what you do when the alarm goes off

Regardless of whether it is a sharp situation or a false alarm, it can feel unpleasant when the alarm goes off in your premises. But don't worry. By keeping an eye on what happens if the alarm goes off, you can feel confident that your security solutions are working as they should. This is how it works if you are a Protectas customer and your alarm

1. The alarm goes off, what happens now? 


When the alarm goes off, we at Protectas quickly investigate whether the alarm has been triggered due to a short circuit or other technical fault, or whether the alarm has been triggered due to safety factors. We will then call you back to check what is happening on site at your premises. Sometimes the alarm is accidentally triggered by the staff and can then be dismissed without action. If our call does not go through or if we do not receive other instructions, an emergency call will be initiated. Then we act according to the protocol agreed between you as a customer and Protectas. Often it is about an internal and an external control of the location in question, but this can vary from customer to customer. 

2. What do I need to keep an eye on? 


When the alarm goes off, you can feel safe knowing that Protectas will take care of most of the work. But there are two things that you, as the responsible person on site, need to be aware of: 

  • Personal code 
  • Recall number 

We will call and ask for identification in the form of a social security number. It is sent to you when you become a customer with us. Be sure to protect it from getting out by not writing it down or hiding it well. 

As a customer, you will also receive a recall number, which you can use to cancel a call that is already in progress. 

3. Who are sent out in case of an alarm? 


We always send out authorized guards from Protectas on all our alarms. They are trained to handle stressful situations and can investigate various errors as well as act and arrest people if it is about intruders, theft or danger of violence. Our guards are always connected to the alarm center and can quickly call for reinforcements in the form of police or rescue services if the situation requires it or if the course of events develops quickly. 

4. What is my responsibility and what is the responsibility of Protectas? 


It is important that Protectas has up-to-date facts that affect the call in order to act correctly. It can be about directions or changed routines. We also need the gate codes that may need to be used or keys and access to the premises the assignment is connected to. 
We develop your customized action plan in peace and quiet when you become a customer with us. We draw up a basis where both parties agree on what should happen in the event of a call-out and who is expected to be responsible for what. 

Does your business alarm meet the insurance requirements? 


There are many  advantages to using alarms from us. With the help of Protectas' products and advice, you can feel secure that the company alarm system meets the insurance requirements . 

Do you want to know which security solutions suit you?  


Protectas helps you with an initial risk assessment and makes suggestions for the  security solutions that suit your business . We have extensive experience in custom security solutions and help you with everything from choosing products and installing them, to training your staff and doing maintenance services. 

With Protectas as a partner, you get a simple and secure everyday life so that you can focus on your business. Once you've decided, we'll take care of the rest.  

Do you want to know more or do you want help with risk assessment and security solutions? Contact us and we will call you. We do the first risk assessment completely free of charge. 

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