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Your business grows when you focus on your core activities.

Security services are essential for small businesses, but how can you ensure your business develops and thrives while staying safe and secure? We have compiled a list of the most important points to watch. Because your focus should be on business—not on choosing alarm systems or security services.

A stable foundation

A healthy core activity is essential when preparing your business to grow. It's important to have business processes and logistics in order, and to have the right person in the right place. Keeping an eye on the economy and the distribution of responsibilities facilitates business expansion. Don’t forget to have flexible and adaptable security solutions. When all this works together, the foundation is in place.

Dare to adapt

Change is the only constant, and for growth, it is important that the business can adapt easily. By being flexible, you can try out the solutions that work best for your business and thus grow faster. This applies to both planning and products, as well as to the choice of suppliers or services.

With Protectas security solutions, you always get modern products. But we also offer you a flexible solution that evolves with you and all the changes happening in your business. Whether it's larger premises or new risks, we ensure that your security solution is never outdated.

To be safe, focus on your core competencies

Growth comes when everyone focuses on what they do best. For us, it's about implementing and maintaining security solutions and responding quickly in emergencies. What do you and your business do best? Our advice is to establish the basics as soon as possible, so they do not hinder what is most important. A secure business is a business that grows and develops.

It’s not what you are, but what you want to be

To grow the business, goals are necessary. What are the financial ambitions of the company? Where do you see your business in the future? What type of company do you want to be? The decisions you make in a small business are not the same as in a large one. To become a large company, you need to think like a large company.

Are you ready to step up?

Sometimes it's easy to get lost in your own success. If you start to grow too quickly and employees are not ready to follow, it can have disastrous consequences. But it can also involve IT systems, processes, cash flows, supply chain weaknesses, or a combination of all these. Carefully consider how business expansion affects the company. It might be wise to grow in stages. Think about what suits the business and you, but also what the environment can support.

Learn from the best—and the worst

You don't need to copy or steal ideas from others. But it's smart to learn from your competitors. What do the best ones do so well? Why is it not going as well for others? What is the industry standard, how is it usually done, and what can you ignore? You probably had these thoughts when starting the business. It can be useful to reconsider them at regular intervals.

It's central that employees are happy

As the company grows, you will probably need to recruit more staff. The bigger the company grows, the harder it becomes to maintain a family spirit. The company values must be clear and the workplace culture unwavering. All team members must be engaged and motivated and receive appreciation and rewards when necessary. This is absolutely necessary to help the company grow while keeping employees satisfied.

Ask for help

As a business owner, it’s easy to take on many tasks yourself or at least ensure everything is done within the company. Sometimes to get the job done quickly and sometimes to save money. However, this is rarely the best solution. Often, it is better to outsource tasks and functions to get the best possible results. By delegating tasks, you lighten your own load and can focus on the essentials. Free up more time so you don't get bogged down in small daily tasks when you could be working on business growth. We make it easy for you to focus on what you do best.

Reduce risks by thinking long term

Running a growing business is inevitably associated with certain risks. Both internal and external. Risks must of course be limited, but it is impossible to control them all. Because as your business grows, you may need more storage space, new products, services, or new equipment. At Protectas, we make sure you are always ahead by delivering security products and services that can grow with you.

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