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Order security solutions in three easy steps

Do you perceive alarms and security solutions as complex and multifaceted? As a valued client of Protectas, rest assured, it's far simpler than you may think. With our extensive experience catering to businesses of all sizes, we are adept at recommending and implementing solutions tailored precisely to your unique requirements and circumstances.

1. Define Your Needs


It all begins with a brief, complimentary consultation. As our esteemed client, share insights into your business operations and articulate your needs and preferences. This allows us to swiftly assess which solutions align best with your objectives.


2. Site Inspection


To ensure precision in our recommendations, we conduct a thorough inspection of your premises and surrounding areas. This complimentary assessment guarantees that our suggestions are perfectly suited to your environment and requirements.


3. Tailored Proposal


Based on our understanding of your needs and assessment of your premises, we present a bespoke proposal outlining recommended products and corresponding security service pricing. Your input is valued, and we are available to discuss and refine the proposal to address any queries or concerns you may have.


Guidance and Support from Inception


Upon confirming your order, our team schedules an installation appointment at your convenience. From testing to deployment, we oversee every aspect to ensure seamless functionality.


Product Orientation


We provide comprehensive instructions on the operation of your security equipment, whether it's a personal alarm or surveillance system. Additionally, you'll receive detailed manuals and documentation for easy reference.


Effortless Maintenance


We take charge of ongoing operation, annual servicing, and maintenance for all installed equipment. As a Protectas client, you'll spend minimal time on installation logistics, swiftly transitioning to the use of your new security solutions.


Comprehensive Implementation Support


Our commitment extends beyond mere installation. We handle every aspect of implementation, including:

  • Project planning,
  • Testing,
  • Commissioning,
  • Training sessions,
  • Reporting,
  • Ongoing monitoring,
  • Maintenance,
  • Dedicated support.


Ready to Enhance Your Security? Keen to explore our security solutions or seeking assistance with risk assessment? Reach out to us, and we'll promptly arrange a consultation. The initial risk assessment is complimentary, reaffirming our dedication to your peace of mind.


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