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5 tips to reduce the risk of burglary during summer vacation

This is the conclusion of a study conducted by protectas with a group of entrepreneurs. This concern is justified: the number of burglaries generally increases significantly during the summer months.

The study shows that entrepreneurs are more worried than the average citizen. Although most entrepreneurs indicate that their business is only temporarily shut down, a burglary can have severe consequences. Specifically, businesses such as construction companies, landscaping firms, and stores face many problems when work materials or stock disappear due to a burglary.

Fine print insurance often neglected

Although almost all entrepreneurs claim to be insured against theft and burglary, the study shows that few entrepreneurs (only 3%) read the fine print. People often find themselves in a false sense of security. For instance, an insurance company may decide not to compensate if the correct security locks or electronic measures are not in place. A borg certificate, which demonstrates that your business premises are properly secured, is therefore essential.

Subscription-based security suite

To support entrepreneurs, protectas has developed a security package that completely relieves sme entrepreneurs. It is a subscription-based security solution. The entrepreneur does not have to invest themselves but pays a fixed amount per week. All services, including the alarm center, mobile monitoring, and equipment, are included. This can often be installed the next day. protectas has set up this accessible service. In this way, entrepreneurs can focus on their business operations while other concerns are taken care of.

Security adapted to current incidents

An important advantage of this package is that protectas can assist entrepreneurs with regulations and insurance requirements. And the security is adapted to current incidents. Data plays a crucial role in our services. Because we have an alarm center with more than 100,000 connections, we know where incidents occur. We can adjust our security accordingly. This can be particularly important during the summer months.

Review alarm procedures before departure

Nevertheless, we advise entrepreneurs to take the necessary measures themselves to prevent burglary. For example, businesses and schools would do well to review alarm procedures for vacation periods. To prevent burglary and save costs. Experience has shown that the number of false alarms during vacations increases alarmingly. An annoying problem, both for security agents and for organizations that get billed.

General tips for preventing burglaries

But general tips can also help entrepreneurs. At work, but also at home. For instance, it is always wise to inform neighbors before leaving, not to leave any objects in sight, and to have the house and/or business checked from time to time. Valuable items such as electric bikes, tools, barbecues, and garden furniture are best stored under lock and key. These have become very popular among burglars in recent years.

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