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When vigilance outsmarts maliciousness

In the shadows of our public spaces, our security guards keep watch. Today, we are shining the spotlight on Sébastien, who along with his team is in charge of security at a Swiss shopping centre. His vigilance prevented an impending robbery. Find out how his intervention turned an ordinary day into an exemplary and memorable act.

22 May 2024 08:00

One Saturday in February, while Sébastien was doing his usual round, his attention was caught by two individuals near a vending machine. Dressed in black and glancing left to right, their behaviour and attire caught his attention.

He continued to observe them, hidden behind a concrete post, and then witnessed a surprising scene: one of them climbed up on a stepladder and glued a piece of tape to mask the motion detector that was placed above the vending machine.

Sébastien decided to act quickly and discreetly. Rather than confronting the individuals directly, he chose to follow them into the shopping centre car park to identify their vehicle. Meanwhile, he communicated with the site's concierge. The concierge confirmed that something similar had happened a few years ago, which had been followed by a robbery soon after.

The police were immediately alerted. Thanks to the video images and the identification of the vehicle, the gendarmerie managed to apprehend the criminals the same day. This quick and well-considered action by Sébastien prevented an impending robbery, thus preserving the security of the premises.

This story highlights the crucial importance of vigilance and responsiveness to potential threats, in order to maintain security, even under seemingly ordinary circumstances. Sébastien fully embodies one of the 3 values that characterise all our security agents: vigilance, integrity, and helpfulness.

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