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Women in the security sector

International Women's Day on 8 March is a time to celebrate women's achievements, promote equality, and fight discrimination. On this symbolic day, we would like to pay tribute to all the women working in the security sector and highlight their essential role in this strategic industry.

Diversity and equality are taking root in a traditionally male domain

The security industry, long dominated by men, is undergoing a remarkable transformation, with more and more women entering the field. They still face a number of challenges, such as being under-represented by their peers, gender bias, and a complex work-life balance. Despite these obstacles, the proportion of women at Protectas is increasing. We are working to break down these stereotypes and prejudices by highlighting our female staff as much as our male staff, for example on our social networks, through interviews with our employees in our Mission Protectas series.

We believe that it is necessary for the industry to continue its efforts in this direction, in order to eliminate barriers and foster a culture that supports women in all aspects of their professional development.

Transforming the corporate culture

The increased presence of women in this sector improves the work culture, encouraging creativity and innovation. Their diversity of perspectives and experiences challenge existing processes and promotes a more inclusive and effective security culture.

Improved team dynamics: Research shows that mixed teams work more effectively. A positive team dynamic is crucial to effective collaboration and the implementation of security strategies.

Increased emotional intelligence: Women are often endowed with high emotional intelligence, which proves particularly valuable in the security sector. Skills such as empathy and social intuition make it possible to be more receptive to the needs and concerns of colleagues, customers, and the public. This contributes to better communication and more effective conflict resolution, particularly through de-escalation.

Target-group specific security measures: Women in security teams help to understand and engage with the needs and views of a wider demographic. This is particularly important when it comes to developing appropriate and effective security measures for all individuals, regardless of their gender or background.

Role model: The presence of women in the security professions inspires and encourages other women to also choose careers in this field. A diverse workforce can attract talented individuals and help to broaden the pool of security professionals.

Protectas' commitment to the advancement of women

Protectas, a leader in security services, is actively committed to promoting women within the company. Strategic diversity and inclusion programmes, mentoring initiatives, and greater flexibility are being put in place to promote equal opportunities and career advancement for women.

The security industry is evolving thanks to the growing presence and commitment of women. Their contribution not only reinforces gender equality, but also improves the quality and effectiveness of security measures. Companies like Protectas play a key role in supporting this evolution and promoting an inclusive and diverse work culture.

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