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The security benefits of mobile patrolling

For many, security guards are someone who stands in the entrance or patrols empty premises at night. But for smaller companies, it is not always an economically justifiable solution. Fortunately, there are cost-effective alternatives such as mobile patrols.

Why does the company need security guards?


Having a security presence is an excellent way to deter crime. This means that the very presence of guards (in combination with surveillance and alarm signs) makes criminals think twice before targeting your business. They will then probably target other actors who are perceived to be more open and unprotected.

Mobile patrolling provides increased security

Mobile patrolling is a new type of security solution that contributes to deterring and preventing criminal activity. It can be used by all businesses that need to protect their property and increase the safety of their employees. With Protectas' extensive reach, we can help companies that are in need of a cost-effective security solution where the guards patrol a larger area.

Traditional solutions do not suit everyone

Stationary guards are not always the most practical option for smaller businesses and shops. Either the security need is not great enough or hiring permanent security personnel is perceived as too costly an investment. Then a tailor-made offer with patrolling security guards who help deter criminals, keep an eye out for suspicious activity and help in various situations is a good option.

What type of mobile patrols are there?


Mobile patrols can be extensive or very limited. In general, it is similar to regular full-time security but in a more efficient and cost-effective way. The guards can follow a regular schedule or drop in at random times.

  • External inspection

Guards regularly monitor all areas around your building and premises. It prevents break-ins and vandalism on the outside of your property. It can also mean rejecting unauthorized persons from the site in a professional manner or maintaining order for everyone's common well-being.

  • Internal patrolling

Guards inspect the inside of your offices or premises. In this way, they can detect and stop crimes in progress such as burglary, theft or vandalism. The guards can also check other security aspects such as whether the coffee maker is on, open windows or burning candles.

  • Key and alarm

Guards naturally respond to your alarms and will be on site shortly. They can also act as key managers and lock premises. It reduces the risk that employees need to be alone in the premises during late hours and expose themselves to risk.

Advantages of mobile patrols versus static guards 

  • The cost

Because you don't need a full-time security presence on site, mobile security patrols are a very cost-effective option for small businesses with security needs. Because guards are available if you raise the alarm, you can feel that you are still protected around the clock. You get access to the same guards as in traditional patrolling, with all the associated certificates and training that are expected.

  • A flexible solution for multiple facilities

Mobile patrolling is also a convenient service for companies that own several premises or properties. A mobile security force can effectively cover a large area with many premises, property and customers. They are thus not tied to a zone and can work efficiently and be more flexible when it comes to moving out.

  • Customizable

Maybe you need patrolling during certain times? Or the key management and locking of premises is the most important thing. Is there a need for random checks to increase safety? Your needs can be packaged in a customized solution for your business. You can also scale down and up your security solution over time.

Do you want to know which security solutions suit you? 


Protectas helps you with an initial risk assessment and finds the security solutions that suit your business. We have extensive experience in custom security solutions and help you with everything from choosing products and installing them, to training your staff and doing maintenance services.


With Protectas as a partner, you get a simple and secure everyday life so that you can focus on your business. Once you've decided, we'll take care of the rest. 

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