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Moving day? - everything you need to think about

Moving an entire company means more than hiring a moving company. Make sure there is time and resources to review things like security, insurance, and contracts. This checklist goes through the most important steps before, during and after a business move. And you, don't forget to invite to the housewarming party.

Preparations Before the Move 


  • Budget, Objectives, and Strategy 

It's paramount to clearly define the goals and purpose of the move for your business. This will make it easier to identify priorities in terms of budget and necessary resources. 

  • Business Insurance and Security 

Consult your insurer to understand the legal requirements and security criteria. Ensure that your insurance covers the new premises and consider enhancing security with systems such as alarms and surveillance cameras. 

  • Contract Review 

A move may lead to changes in your existing contracts. Review all agreements and consider renegotiating if necessary. 

  • Communication of Change 

Inform your clients, suppliers, and authorities about your move. Update your address for correspondence and deliveries and ensure that mail management is organized in the new premises. 

Preparations During the Weeks Leading Up to the Move 


  • Security and Logistics 

Ensure that security systems are in place at the new premises. Establish a detailed inventory list to facilitate the moving process and ensure everything is properly labeled. 

  • Thorough Planning 

On the day of the move, ensure that all details are sorted out and responsibilities are clearly defined. Arrange meals for those involved and ensure everyone has access to the new premises. 

After the Move:  


  • Security System Maintenance 

Ensure that your security system is functioning properly by conducting regular checks. Schedule periodic assessments to ensure optimal operation. 

  • Ongoing Evaluation 

Continue to assess and adjust your operations after the move. Stay attuned to the changing needs of your business and adapt accordingly. 


Do you want to know more, or do you want help with risk assessment and security solutions? Contact us and we will call you. We do the first risk assessment completely free of charge.  

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