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Guide: Secure Your Gym 24/7 Without Staff – 3 Foolproof Tips

Accidents in fitness centers have skyrocketed in recent years, exceeding 4,800 in 2019. This increase is attributed to the growth of low-cost centers without permanent staff. Discover our 3 foolproof tips to ensure the safety of your gym, despite the absence of dedicated personnel.

Prior to your activity, certain regulatory criteria must be met during the construction or layout of your gym, such as the choice of flooring, the presence of protruding elements on walls, lighting, and the installation of shock-resistant wall protections.

The BPA has also developed a guide focused on the safety of gyms complying with OFSPO standards 201 and 221. It is aimed at all professionals involved in the construction, operation, and maintenance of gyms, whether they are architects, engineers, or members of the construction commission.

1. Identify the risks

A sports hall rarely handles money or other objects likely to interest a burglar. Threats tend to come from within, and it's important to identify them in order to anticipate them. This is especially true if your business employs few staff or if your infrastructure is not monitored during certain periods of its opening hours.

Make sure that all members leave at closing time

if your venue is not open 24 hours a day, make sure that all members leave at closing time.  If you play music in the room, you can turn it off a few minutes before closing to signal the end of the session.

Prevent unauthorised access

to gain access to a training centre, you generally have to be a member of an association. Despite this, many members try to add several people to the same membership. By using intelligent technology and access systems, you can counter this phenomenon and only give access to people who are entitled to it.

Provide information without being on site

in the absence of staff, make sure your members are quickly informed in the event of a fire. Clearly indicate the location of fire extinguishers, emergency exits and safety equipment.

Help in the event of minor injuries

make first aid equipment available so that your members can treat themselves in the event of minor injuries, or train your staff to intervene if necessary.

2. Ensure You Have the Right Equipment and Professional Security Services

To increase member safety, protect your business and premises, it is important to use the appropriate equipment and security services. Even if you have a space where staff is not present, there is technology and external services that will facilitate your security work.

Pool efforts for constant security, even in your absence

If your gym is near a shopping center or other businesses, take advantage of it to enhance your security. Join a shared neighborhood patrol for local assistance and a sense of security.

Opt for security alarms

If you have staff during certain hours, invest in security alarms that can call security agents or connect you to an alarm center when needed.

Clarity in case of fire

Ensure that your members are immediately informed of a fire and can quickly locate the necessary equipment. Provide prerecorded messages for effective communication. Immediate care: Make available a first aid kit and defibrillator, with clear signage of their location.

3. Adopt Good Habits

Inspect your premises daily

It is important to tour your premises every day to ensure that workout equipment has not been moved. This is partly to improve the service to your members but also to ensure that emergency exits and important fire protection equipment are not blocked by weights and medicine balls. If you work with Protectas, we will help you assess risks and then provide you with a checklist to follow during your self-checks. This applies to the assessment of fire risks as well as other aspects of your security.

Hire a reliable security partner

Protectas helps ensure your security from start to finish. We conduct an initial risk assessment and have both the expertise and security equipment you need. As the business grows, we help you upgrade your security solutions according to your needs. You can feel secure and focus on your business. We can take care of the entire project, from installation to operating services, including after-sales service, or specific links in the chain. It all depends on your needs. If you choose to rely on Protectas for all parts of the project, you have a single point of contact and counterpart for all your information management, avoiding detailed planning with multiple providers.


Download our checklist so you don't forget anything: 'Secure Your Gym in 10 Points' (PDF)


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