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Guide: Increase the safety of your lone workers

Every day, people who work alone are exposed to a certain risk. Violence, crime and accidents are imminent threats and if you work alone you are always a little more vulnerable than in a collective. We go through the steps you can take to increase the safety of employees who perform their work alone.

1. Train the staff 


Training and education can prepare staff for unwanted situations and save lives. Make sure they are aware of the risks involved and how to act in an emergency. It is easy to get absorbed in your daily tasks. Therefore, it is important that you remind them to be aware of their surroundings. This may involve checking equipment to reduce accidents or reporting suspicious behavior in a store. Knowledge and awareness is something that you want to promote in the staff who work on their own for longer periods. 

2. Secure the work environment 


Make sure you have the right security solutions in place. It is the employer's responsibility to secure the environment for lone workers as far as possible. If you don't know where to start, you can get help from someone who looks over the environment and gives you a checklist of improvement measures. It could turn out to be a worthwhile investment - so you don't miss a thing. 

3. Before the right routines 


Review the dangers that a single workplace can pose for lone workers. Strategic security work is about minimizing risks. For shops and businesses, this may mean securing with personal alarms. You can also switch to digital payment only after a certain time or when workers have to work themselves. 

You can also plan for regular checks as part of an overall security routine. It increases the sense of security among the employees and prevents crime through increased presence of guards and other hired personnel. 

4. Use the technology 

Working alone can feel lonely, but with the right technology you can increase the level of security and ensure that your staff can always call for help. This could, for example, mean installing an alarm solution that suits your business. Today there are several solutions from mobile apps and wearables, discreet panic buttons, automatic alarms in the event of accidents, GPS transmitters and alarm buttons. 

You can also advantageously use the technology to make check-ins, checks and communicate with the staff. Modern alarms can help in many different ways. For example, a real estate agent on the go who is assaulted, a bid who gets into a nasty traffic accident or a person who works overtime in the office and is confronted by an intruder. Protectas personal alarms are available with and without GPS. 

Remember: It is of great importance that your employees feel safe at work. Job satisfaction not only affects employees' well-being, but is also significant for productivity. 

Protectas makes it easy to feel safe 


Protectas helps you with everything related to safety at your workplace. With long experience and a wide range of security systems and solutions, we can both take a comprehensive approach to the security of your premises or help you to secure the protection of personnel working alone. 

Do you want to know more or do you want help with risk assessment and security solutions? Contact us and we will call you. Our first risk assessment is completely free of charge. 

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