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Fire Risk: How to Prevent Domestic Fires?

Securing your home goes beyond thwarting burglaries. Fire hazards pose a significant risk, often unfortunately underestimated.

Every year in Switzerland, 10,000 building fires occur, resulting in the tragic loss of 13 to 36 lives and causing a much higher number of injuries.


Raising Awareness of Real Risks


It all begins with a lack of awareness about fire hazards: despite existing legal obligations, there are still too few smoke detectors in households. Moreover, the quality of some smoke detectors is also questionable.


Demand Quality in Your Detection Systems


The first step towards a fire-safe home is simple: installing an adequate number of smoke detectors on different floors and in all rooms. It's crucial to consider the correct placement of smoke detectors based on the specific layout of the house. To prevent false alarms in the kitchen or bathroom, there are also heat detectors capable of detecting fires.


Embrace Active Prevention


What if a fire actually breaks out while you're away? Then, the added value of a fire detection system connected to a control room becomes immediately apparent. Connected smoke and/or heat detectors ensure that the right people are notified in the event of a fire: the control room informs you personally about the fire, and emergency services are alerted in time, reducing the risk of damage.


React Promptly and Coordinate Rescue Efforts


Installing an effective fire detection system can save lives. A proactive approach is therefore crucial when constructing, buying, or renting a home, whether it's a house or an apartment. Since each residence presents its own risks and specific needs, it's worthwhile to have an analysis conducted by an expert capable of devising a tailor-made fire prevention package.


Effective prevention starts with choosing a high-quality fire detection system, equipped with reliable smoke and heat detectors that are properly installed.

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