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Checklist: How to Enhance Security in Your Educational Institution

By implementing effective security measures, you can alleviate concerns about theft or damage to equipment within your educational facility. This checklist provides some valuable tips.

The formal structure of the Swiss education system is divided into four levels: primary, secondary I and II, and tertiary. Compulsory education is limited to the primary level, including kindergarten, and secondary I. Consequently, many educational institutions must meet security requirements.

1. Ensure all doors and windows have operational locks

In older buildings, some windows and doors may lack adequately secure locks. Conduct a thorough inspection of your educational institution's premises to ensure that the locks meet current standards.

2. Streamline procedures with an access control system

Replace traditional keys with an intelligent access control system to simplify operations. Access cards and automatic locks can effectively replace conventional keys. Connecting this system to the alarm device allows automated activation and deactivation in the morning and evening, eliminating the need to individually open each door.

3. Facilitate opening and closing operations with external support

To anticipate unauthorized presence on the premises, security patrol services can be engaged. This allows staff to focus on opening and closing operations, delegating site monitoring to professionals.

4. Emphasize connected alarm systems

In case of intrusion, understand the operation of the intrusion alarm. Technological equipment such as computers and tablets may attract thieves. A triggered alarm notifies the control center, enabling visual assessment of the site through surveillance cameras and possible dispatch of intervention personnel.

5. Methodically manage your waste

Waste management is crucial, not only for hygiene but also to prevent fires. Ensure that bins are regularly emptied, and flammable objects, such as cardboard, are stored at least five meters away from the building's facade.

6. Use smart timers

In spaces equipped with electronics, like computer rooms, smart timers ensure that electrical devices remain inactive when not needed. This also applies to appliances, such as coffee machines, which should not be operational in the absence of staff.

7. Review fire alarm and evacuation systems

In the event of a fire, the institution is responsible for ensuring the orderly evacuation of students, apprentices, and staff. Designating evacuation responsibilities ensures that specific individuals on the staff are responsible for ensuring everyone's safety, guiding them to predetermined assembly points or fire zones.

8. Regularly practice fire safety procedures

Due to the annual influx of new members, regular fire safety drills are essential. Prior familiarity with fire procedures helps maintain calmness in emergency situations, limiting the risk of panic. Staff should also be trained in the use of fire extinguishers, a service that Protectas can provide in terms of fire prevention, evacuation leader training, or practical and theoretical extinguisher skills acquisition.

9. Invest in long-term security

Statistics reveal over 12,000 injuries in Swiss schools, daycares, and universities each year, emphasizing the importance of preventive measures. Regular construction and maintenance work in schools can significantly contribute to safety. It is crucial to consider that structural failures can increase the risk of accidents. the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU) offers relevant advice to enhance safety in schools. While optimizing security measures may seem costly and complex, it is essential to recognize that an accident can be more expensive. It is recommended to keep and regularly review this checklist as security needs and requirements evolve over time.

Seek assistance from a security partner

Protectas offers comprehensive security support. We conduct an initial risk assessment and have the expertise and necessary security equipment. As your educational institution evolves, we can adapt security solutions to your specific needs. This approach allows you to focus on your daily activities with confidence.

We can handle the entire project, from installation to operational services, or intervene selectively based on your specific needs. By opting for a complete collaboration with Protectas, you benefit from a single point of contact for all information management, avoiding detailed planning with multiple providers. We are ready to accompany you throughout the process, from installation to service delivery, ensuring the coherence and efficiency of the entire project.


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