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Remote Services

Service Description for MyProtectas Remote Services.

General description

MyProtectas Remote Services is a digital service that allows you as a user to interact with our alarmcenter directly, both through a mobile app and a webpage. The digital service is a part of Protectas Digital Service suite called MyProtectas. You can use the service to add/change/remove information that is used by Security Operating Center (SOC) to perform your services manage e.g., contact information, call list, site address, temporary alarm schedules and more). Through MyProtectas Remote Services, you can also access real-time or historic information about alarm statuses, be notified when an alarm goes off in one of the sites under your responsibility and cancel an alarm before a mobile patrol is sent for verification.

Key functionality

MyProtectas Remote Services provides the following functionalities, regardless of how you access it (either using the mobile application or the web):

  • Get notified when an alarm goes off on a site and verify alarm status.
  • Manage contact persons (add/remove people that the SOC must call in case of alarm and amend the call sequence).
  • View alarm status and log history.
  • Add and delete temporary alarm schedules.
  • Cancel an alarm before a mobile patrol is sent for verification.
  • Put an alarm in test mode.


All logged in users that have been securely authenticated can access the Remote Services functionalities for the sites that they have been granted access to. The users are under subject of dynamic access – and does therefore have their own unique experience.

Please note that the available features of MyProtectas Remote Services may be limited due to the type of security services that you purchase, or your alarm infrastructure.