Across the length and breadth of Switzerland – powered by cooking oil

Oensingen is known as a quiet little town in the canton of Solothurn. In Switzerland, people might associate its name with the traffic jams in the nearby area that are frequently reported on the radio – but certainly not with the international leader in food logistics. In fact, Oensingen is home to HAVI Logistics GmbH, the Swiss branch of the American HAVI logistics group. We were surprised by much of what we learned during our visit to this logistics specialist.

HAVI Logistics GmbH implements sophisticated supply chain management, enabling it to offer logistics solutions for food and non-food products in the catering sector throughout Switzerland. For traditional restaurants, fast-food outlets, petrol station shops and canteens alike, HAVI's "One-Stop Shopping" concept ensures short transportation routes, flexible ordering options and impeccable quality – as well as food safety guaranteed by temperature-controlled logistics. "We have storage systems controlled at different temperatures for fresh and frozen foods as well as non-food merchandise: –20°C for frozen products, +2°C for fresh items and a maximum of 20°C for dry goods."

"Our trucks are powered by cooking oil from McDonald's"

At group level, our corporation supplies food-service outlets in Europe and Asia. In Switzerland, HAVI Logistics GmbH mainly provides services for McDonald's: the Swiss fleet is on the move up to three times each week for the hamburger giant, supplying 166 McDonald's branches with 1,500 different food and promotional articles, all of which are stocked at Oensingen. "Each year, our transport services cover around 2.7 million kilometres for our customers, and 56% of those journeys are by rail," Lukas Curschellas explains. "And during summer, some of our trucks drive on Switzerland's roads with recycled cooking oil from McDonald's in their engines," he adds with a smile.

Remote Video Solution (RVS) in place since 2014

Lukas Curschellas recalls how his company came to implement the RVS technology: "We experienced two burglaries on our site and even though the damage was fairly minor, we decided to work with a security provider." In fact, HAVI's decision to collaborate with Protectas was prompted more by reasons related to food safety than by the burglaries: "We simply can't allow the risk of a foreign body ending up in food products – or of sabotage attempts targeted at such products," he emphasises.
For a long time now, the concept of "food defence" has been widely implemented abroad: "The RVS solution from Protectas has protected our site against penetration by intruders since 2014. Food defence goes even further than this in other countries – in some cases, armed staff are posted at the entrances to production facilities," Lukas Curschellas adds.

The dawning of a new era – with Protectas

In the past, HAVI Logistics GmbH merely had a turnstile and a few security agents who patrolled the premises at night. But thanks to Protectas, a new era has dawned for the company. When we asked Lukas Curschellas about developments since Protectas arrived on the scene, this was his reply: "In the old days, I had to try and discover any irregularities by checking the times when staff clocked in or out. It used to drive me crazy! But nowadays, I save vast amounts of time thanks to the RVS technology with its video monitoring cameras, which can easily track down any abnormal occurrences."
He explains that Protectas has brought about a clear increase in efficiency. And that's not all: HAVI has been equally impressed by the security provider's highly responsive service and the customised security solution that it was able to supply. "We get all the security services we need from one single source – and the services are provided flexibly, entirely in line with our requirements. This was one of the criteria that prompted us to choose Protectas as our security provider: they offered us exactly what we need," the Country Manager adds.

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