Chaplin's World – unique in the world!

The Chaplin's World Museum in Corsier-sur-Vevey is entirely dedicated to the life and work of Charlie Chaplin, the great silent movie actor. Protectas takes care of the museum's security with discreet, friendly personnel – plus state-of-the-art surveillance technology.

A grand villa set in extensive gardens with uninterrupted views of Lake Geneva and the Alps – as a visitor it is easy to understand why Charlie Chaplin chose the Manoir de Ban in Corsier-sur-Vevey as a home for himself and his family. Now a museum, it has been open to the general public since 16 April 2016. Visitors to the villa, the outbuildings and the large cinema studio can look forward to learning about Chaplin's private life and the artistic activities of this unforgettable star of the silent screen.

Chaplin's World has been managed by Jean-Pierre Pigeon since late 2015, i.e. before the museum opened. Born to a Canadian father and a Swiss mother, he has many years' experience as a conference organiser and had travelled to no fewer than 92 countries before he found his new vocation as Museum Director on the shores of Lake Geneva in 2015.

The venue is much more than a museum: it is quite literally Chaplin's World. It is a treasure enjoyed by ardent fans and amateurs every day.


Discreet security

Visitors to Chaplin's World enjoy great freedom of movement. They are encouraged to come right up close to the exhibits, and to photograph and film them. Jean-Pierre Pigeon explains how important it is to ensure that the security arrangements are appropriately matched to this concept: "Our goal is a hands-on museum. We rely on discreet security that does not intimidate our visitors. Instead of musclemen, we prefer security personnel who are trained to work with discernment and tact, even in sensitive situations – bringing a somewhat too rowdy group into line with a few friendly words, for example."

Jean-Pierre Pigeon explains that Protectas is a security partner in whom Chaplin's World has complete confidence in all respects: "The partnership went really smoothly right from the start. The COO of Protectas came by in person in order to be sure of gaining a thorough understanding of our needs."

Protectas security employees provide surveillance and monitoring in both the museum and the grounds. Remote Video Solutions (RVS) plays a crucial role in the museum's security system, allowing employees at the Protectas Security Operations Center to monitor all areas of the museum, even after the lights go out at night. RVS not only guarantees the highest level of security, it also reduces costs as fewer security staff are needed on site.

Jean-Pierre Pigeon tells us he particularly appreciates how "Protectas can always provide us with extra resources, even at short notice, for special occasions or big events. This flexibility is as important to us as the professionalism of the security personnel and the remarkable stability, i.e. very low staff turnover, across the security team." Protectas employees are well integrated within the museum staff and a contact person is always available to support the museum management team.

Security measures for frequent VIP visits from all over the world rank amongst the greatest challenges facing Chaplin's World. Past visitors to the museum include Italian actress Sophia Loren, former Vice President of the United States Al Gore and Titanic actor Billy Zane, for example. "Most of our VIP visitors have their own security staff, " says Jean-Pierre Pigeon. "In this case, it falls to our people to coordinate responsibilities with these external specialists."

"I can definitely recommend Protectas very warmly," says the Chaplin's World Director in conclusion. "In my entire career, I can't think of any other working partnership that has gone so smoothly."


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