Transport security

Protectas Transport Security AG offers you a cost-effective solution to ensure the security of your employees when they are working on or near railway lines. Our staff are trained and certified as specialists in railway security, so they are excellently prepared to carry out this demanding function.

Thanks to our service, your employees can focus calmly on their work without worrying about security restrictions or their own safety.

We offer these services:

  • Escort services to ensure the security of vehicles and occupants
  • Video monitoring services (RVS – Remote Video Solutions)
  • Guarding of stations to prevent acts of vandalism on infrastructure, in stations and on rolling stock
  • Training for your staff
  • Plain-clothes security service to prevent disruptive behaviour and vandalism, to assist with the enforcement of smoking bans and to prevent people from crossing the tracks
  • Mobile guarding service at night: night patrols with dogs to prevent wilful damage and theft of equipment
  • Occasional/one-off assignments: security service, service in buses, guarding of stations
  • Protection of staff working on the tracks, train announcements and implementation of emergency measures
  • Head of Security: responsible for equipment, smooth running and compliance with directives issued by SBB's security management
  • Train drivers for shunting locomotives (locomotives used in marshalling yards)


For more information, read the article in issue 03 of our Customer Magazine.

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