Remote Video Solutions

With the remote video solutions supported by Protectas you will receive ultra-modern security in innovative and economical service packages.

Ultra-modern cameras and software provide security in real time,
whereby incidents are prevented, the working time of the security personnel better used and the costs reduced – without incurring new investments for it.

The remote video solutions include:

  • Remote alarm verification
  • Remote entry/exit management
  • Remote escort services
  • Remote patrol services
  • Remote perimeter protection

And because our agreements always include a proactive modernization too, you can be assured that future challenges are also covered.


Remote Alarm Verification

By the remote alarm verification you will receive the fastest possible response time when an event occurs. In many cases, this means already before an event occurs at all. Whether a possible burglary, intrusion in a security area or a fire, Protectas operators will analyse the situation by live video while such events are taking place and take action to prevent or limit damages.

Remote Entry/Exit Management

With the aid of strategically placed cameras, Protectas security operators keep watch over your entrances in critical situations and can immediately intervene, if necessary. As the security operators can visually verify an event, there is no delay in sending support in case of need.

Remote Escort Services

Whether you work till late at night to meet a deadline or, being a morning person, come to work before sunrise, a remote escort protection offers you safe protection when entering or leaving your property. This is particularly reassuring when you have to cross a deserted parking area or a desolate underground garage.

Remote Patrol Services

With the video patrol services you will receive a proactive security presence, which is ready for operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to avoid problems. Video patrols can guard your weak spots by strategically placed cameras in a more consistent and more economical manner than it would be possible with security personnel only.

Remote Perimeter Protection

Due to the advantage of real time security, it is possible to significantly reduce the cases of burglary, theft and vandalism. Operators are alerted the moment a suspect behaviour occurs next to your perimeter, so that we can avoid the trouble before it starts at all. In addition to it, in the course of time we perform active optimisations of the installation, in order to avoid another ever-present threat: false alarms.


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