Remote guarding

Remote guarding – as its name suggests – comprises the provision of remote security services with the use of high-tech tools such as cameras and/or intercom systems.

This service is provided as a complement to on-site guarding and mobile guarding. Our Security Operations Centers (or SOCs) are the core element in remote guarding.

Our operators work 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, in our SOCs in Geneva and Zurich. They manage over 3000 alarms every day. The role played by our centres has developed enormously in recent years. They have taken on more extensive tasks now that they can receive images from customers' sites in real time. Data transmission networks have made enormous advances and the Internet Protocol (IP) transmission standard has now become established. Thanks to these developments, our operators can perform remote analyses in case of an alarm, making use of images from the majority of video cameras available on the Swiss market.

Another advantage: the Baviloc geotracking system allows our agents to digitise all their interventions so that they can act efficiently. In the near future, processing of all historic data will be linked to real-time data obtained from sources such as cameras and patrols: algorithms can be then used so that our customers will benefit from predictive rather than reactive data. This will give us the ability to pre-empt dangerous situations.

Benefits of remote guarding:

  • Enhanced security for customers thanks to early identification and analysis of alarms in real time
  • Enhanced effectiveness for our operators and mobile guarding agents
  • Rationalisation of Protectas' resources by reducing the number of physical interventions in response to false alarms

Our expertise and the available technology serve one and the same purpose: to provide efficient and sustainable support for our customers.


Remote Video Solutions

Remote Video Solutions are the core component of our remote guarding service. Thanks to these Remote Video Solutions, Protectas offers you cutting-edge security with services that guarantee excellent value for money.

State-of-the-art cameras and software ensure security in real time:
incidents are forestalled, hours worked by security agents are optimised, costs are cut – and no extra investments are needed by our customers.

Remote Video Solutions comprise:

  • Remote Alarm Verification
  • Remote Entry/Exit Management
  • Remote Escort Services
  • Remote Patrol Services
  • Remote Perimeter Protection

Remote Alarm Verification

Remote Alarm Verification ensures that action is taken very swiftly in response to incidents – often before the incident actually occurs in real time. Potential break-ins, intrusions into secured zones or fires: in these situations and many more, Protectas operators use video to analyse the event so that they can take appropriate action to prevent or minimise damage.

Remote Entry/Exit Management

Strategically positioned cameras enable Protectas operators to monitor your entry and exit points so that they can intervene immediately if necessary.

Remote Escort Services

A remote escort offers you secure protection when you arrive at your premises or leave them, even outside of office hours. This can be especially reassuring if you have to cross a deserted parking area or an empty underground garage.

Remote Patrol Services

Video patrol services provide you with a proactive security presence that is ready to intervene, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Cameras are strategically positioned to cover your vulnerable points: a more rational and cost-effective solution than a security agent could provide.

Remote Perimeter Protection

Break-ins, thefts and vandalism can be substantially reduced by taking advantage of the benefits offered by real-time security. Operators are alerted as soon as any suspicious behaviour is detected around the perimeter so that possible incidents can be pre-empted. Moreover, we are actively optimising the system to remedy another persistent threat: false alarms.


Call Center

Thanks to our Call Center, you will benefit from an uninterrupted 24/7 hotline service so you can interact more efficiently with your staff, customers and tenants. Read all additional information in our "News" section.


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