Fire & Safety

Take advantage of our Fire & Safety service as part of your security solution. By opting for this service, you will benefit from a cost-effective solution that leaves you with more time to devote to your core activities.

Fire & Safety comprises a raft of protective measures to prevent fire from breaking out, and to limit the consequences if a fire does occur. The operation and maintenance of your equipment must ensure the proper functioning of your fire protection solution – and compliance with the legal requirements must also be guaranteed. By choosing us to support you, you will enjoy the benefits offered by the ideal partner.

Benefits of the Protectas Fire & Safety service

  • Operation and maintenance are undertaken on a regular basis in accordance with the highest quality standards, without impinging on your core activities.
  • This service can be provided by security staff who are specially trained for the purpose, as part of an overall security solution.
  • Protectas can correct defects and inform your suppliers directly of any errors.
  • Protectas’ specialists can assist you with setting up and developing your fire protection programme.
  • In addition, we can provide our Training and Evacuation Practice service – so you can rest assured that your staff are fully informed about the risks related to your business and about fire protection for your building.


Fire & Safety services

The Intercantonal Convention on the Elimination of Technical Barriers to Trade (AIETC/IVTH) brought mandatory fire protection regulations into force throughout the territory of Switzerland as of 1 January 2005, and these regulations were revised on 1 January 2015. The revised regulations were updated by the Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Establishments (AEAI/VKF).

From then on, the authorities' responsibility was transferred to the private sector, with a requirement to engage fire protection specialists or experts in order to provide project management or follow-up.
Likewise, the establishment of a quality assurance system during the construction phase – and throughout a building's entire lifetime – makes it necessary to define roles and responsibilities, and to document and train the participants.
Depending on the types of use assigned to a building (accommodation facility, department store, industrial building, etc.), a security officer for fire protection must be in place as a mandatory requirement. This officer ensures that fire safety is compliant with the applicable regulations and the relevant specifications.
The officer's duties also include verifying that measures regarding construction, fire protection equipment and organisation have been implemented and continue to be applied.

Our combined solutions give you these benefits:

  1. A team of fire protection experts who will assist you by undertaking studies on construction or building refurbishment projects, conducting audits and providing project support; they will provide follow-through for construction sites in connection with quality assurance for buildings, they will formalise your Fire & Safety concept, implement an evacuation strategy, and assist with organising evacuation practices.
  2. Security agents with specialised fire protection expertise (fire protection specialists or supervisors accredited by the Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Establishments (AEAI/VKF)) perform the functions of the Fire & Safety Officer (FSO) within the company, including daily inspection of installed equipment, rectification of faults and monitoring of actions undertaken.
  3. Training programmes leading to a diploma, conducted by the Protectas Academy training department in partnership with specialised providers to ensure the high quality of the courses offered (first aid, extinguishers, tactical assistance/rescue, etc.)
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