Critical infrastructures

The PCIS competence centre offers a varied range of services to complement those offered by Protectas. Thanks to this facility, we can continue to improve our effectiveness as well as the quality of our responses to major security risks at sensitive sites and in hostile environments. These special services require forward-looking infrastructure and highly trained staff.

Our PCIS competence centre covers these services:

  • Armed services
  • Screening of persons and baggage
  • Protective services for VIPs
  • Specific guarding assignments (embassies, consulates, diplomatic missions, ambassadors' residences)
  • Guarding of sensitive sites (international organisations, nuclear facilities, prisons, energy production plants, reception centres for migrants)
  • Guarding of public areas, hospitals, hotels, museums and events
  • Guarding for industrial sites (manufacturers, precious materials, pharmaceutical and chemical industries)
  • Guarding of historic sites
  • Guarding of luxury shops and boutiques
  • Management of corporate risks (risk assessment and analysis)
  • Fire & Safety
  • Protectas Aviation Security AG (security in airports)
  • Protectas Transport Security AG (security for private and public transport services)
  • Security solutions (guarding service + mobile guarding + remote guarding + technology)
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