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Protectas Aviation Security AG was founded on 01.01.2005. With our approximately 350 employees we offer security and services in the general field of aviation and especially in airport security. We are an active member of the VSSU (Association of Swiss Security Services Companies) and Aerosuisse (Swiss Aerospace Industries Association) and certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management systems.

Protectas Aviation Security AG belongs to the Swedish Securitas AB group and is directly affiliated to Securitas Transport Aviation Services.

On an international level, Securitas Aviation is active as a specialist in aviation security in 36 countries at more than 250 airports with around 28,000 specialised staff. The company's long-standing and satisfied customers include, above all, airport operators, authorities, airlines, and companies which are basically active in the airport environment.  

In Switzerland, Protectas Aviation Security AG covers a wide range of security and services in the aviation environment. As one of the leading service providers we are experts in the field of airport and airline security. We offer our customers solutions that cover the entire range of security and services for secure air traffic and its environment.

In addition, we have specialized in providing individual services in the field of airport and airline security.


We as a partner of the Swiss airports Zurich and Geneva

Our two national airports are considered the Swiss gateway to the world in the heart of Europe and are well networked internationally, nationally, and regionally. Both airports regularly receive awards for their excellent services, short connecting flights, friendly staff, clean infrastructure, reliable processes, and other quality features.

Around 50 million people will have departed, arrived, or changed planes here in 2019, making the airports the most important meeting place in their region.

Behind this achievement are thousands of employees who work with over 400 airport partners every day to ensure that every stay is a positive experience for passengers and visitors.

We make our contribution and are partners in a comprehensive security network.


Our security employees

The employees of Protectas Aviation Security AG make a significant contribution to security at our Swiss airports through their daily work at the security checkpoints and their extensive expertise and know-how.

All of our employees who are assigned a security task at airports in Switzerland first undergo a reliability check and must be trained, approved/certified and recertified every two years in accordance with the requirements of the responsible authority (Federal Office of Civil Aviation/BAZL).

One of the main tasks of our employees is to use the technical equipment and aids available, such as X-Ray X-ray machines and ETD (Explosive Trace Detection), to prevent prohibited items from entering the non-public airport area.

All our work steps and the associated control methods are in conformity with the valid EU regulations, the NASP (National Aviation Security Program) of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation/BAZL and the process instructions of the airport operators derived from these.


Our customer segments

  • Airports
  • Airfields
  • ATC Provider
  • Airlines
  • general aviation
  • business aviation
  • Air rescue services
  • Maintenance companies
  • Catering companies
  • Handling companies
  • Aviation training facilities
  • Freight and transport companies
  • Authorities
  • Army
  • Service companies
  • Retail companies

As well as other companies based or operating at our Swiss national airports or regional airports.


Our range of services

  • Access controls
  • Hand baggage checks
  • cargo security
  • Escort service with vehicles
  • Identity check
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Control of goods
  • Aircraft surveillance
  • Construction supervision
  • Fire watch
  • Security Patrol
  • Stationary & Mobile Monitoring
  • Control services of all kinds
  • Event services
  • Training of security personnel
  • apprenticeships and trainings

As well as other individual security solutions. Are you facing a challenge? We help you to find and implement the right solution.

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