Smart Alarm Management

04 August 2020

SAM (Smart Alarm Management) is your new companion to administer your alarms. This alarm management service automatically takes care of your alarms. A dialogue with an operator is no longer necessary.

Our technology offers a service with an integrated assistant. Using your smartphone, you could choose without any additional app whether you want our team to intervene, after having excluded the possibility of a false alarm. These new and improved self-monitoring services give you access to a higher level of security while reducing costs.


How it works

If an alarm is triggered and transmitted to our security control center, the SAM will contact you, verify your identity and, if necessary, send a patrol to check the situation. This process is fully automated.


Why choose SAM?

  • Constant response speed independent of the workload of our Security Operations Center (SOC).
  • You receive a call; instead of a notification that could go unnoticed
  • You can select up to 4 people to receive chain calls during an alarm.
  • Simple process and easy implementation
  • Low costs