Protectas Call Center

12 October 2020

Would you like to benefit from a 24/7 telephone hotline? Our Contact Center Services offers you the opportunity to interact more effectively with your employees, customers and tenants.

The Contact Center Services is a national service hub, set up so that you can offer rapid service for your customers, staff and tenants – with a phone number they can reach 24 hours a day on every day of the year. Our operators have the specialist skills needed to understand a variety of situations and swiftly find solutions for them.

Rest assured that your business is in safe hands with us when you are not available. We are always standing by to take rapid action to protect your assets. We offer a wide range of services including on-demand property or security services (e.g. for lifts), or an extension of the service you yourself provide for your customers.


We are close to your customers

Our Contact Center Services offers nationwide coverage from our alarm receiving and video surveillance centres in Geneva and Zurich. The service is available in Switzerland's different national languages, with georedundant backup to ensure full coverage. Your customers, staff and tenants can call a regional telephone number to reach us. This gives them a stronger feeling that we are close at hand. You can choose how our operators will respond when they answer a call: do you want a general greeting for your customers, or would you prefer a personalised welcome message?


Some examples of how the service is used:

  • Facility services
  • Hotline for municipal authorities – local police
  • Management of lift breakdowns
  • Procedure for supporting at-risk individuals (LWP, Lone Worker Protection)
  • Procedure for supporting individuals in need of legal assistance while abroad
  • Hotline for alarm installers/technicians
  • Support desk for telephone operators
  • Opening of parking facilities
  • Calls in case of technical emergencies (HVAC)
  • Virtual escorts, remote-controlled opening
  • Medical calls



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