Fever screening

27 April 2020

One of the main symptoms of viral infections - including Covid-19 - has been proven to be fever. In order to protect all people from possible infection, we offer various solutions with thermal imaging cameras that precisely record a potentially high body temperature and thus enable people with fever to be identified in one second.

Our solution

In order to support you in protecting your employees and customers, we offer you comprehensive advice that will help you to strengthen your security and preventive measures.

We offer various solutions tailored to your needs, which are quickly installed and functional.

For example, a thermal camera - which is protected from the wind and temperature indoors and ideally installed in a limited, one-way passage - enables temperature measurement and optional facial recognition to identify employees.


Examples of use

  • Businesses
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • production facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Public structures
  • All access points


Your advantages

Advice: Together we analyze your needs and your environment to help you make your choice.

Efficiency: The temperature is recorded in one second to avoid queues.

Safety: The temperature measurement takes place without contact at approx. 1 meter in order to reduce the risk of infection.