Electronic countermeasures

Industrial espionage, an illegal practice (see Article 273 of the Swiss Criminal Code), consists of collecting private information as effectively and efficiently as possible without any regard for the legitimacy and lawfulness of the means used. In order to ensure that all information on our client's premises (offices, conference rooms, reception areas, etc.) and shared via telephone is kept confidential, our technical team has developed an electronic counter-measure service using the very latest electronic countermeasure technology and we will carry out a confidential inspection of your premises outside of normal working hours.

We use special detection techniques and equipment:

  • ambient microphones
  • ambient hard disk and tape recorders
  • Spy video capture device
  • telephone or ambient listening device
  • broadcasting telephone microphones
  • telephone recorders
  • remote controls for all of these devices
  • all concealed and unlawful electronic devices are on offer
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